A uthor john fee’s passion for golf has consumed most of this time and energy since he retired in 2008 john has decided to write his new book, “13PUTT: Experience of a Duffer”, as his first literary submission for publication with some free time at his disposal. He believes that the ideal reviewer for this opus would be any living golfer in this world.

About Author John Fee

Mr. John Fee is a retired lawyer, a senior golfer, and the author of “13PUTT: Experiences of a Duffer.” He tries to share the joy of the sport from the view of an aging golfer of mediocre talent, which makes this book closer to the majority of golfers than anything authored by a professional. The people with whom Mr. John plays are there primarily to enjoy themselves, not to earn a livelihood. Notwithstanding competitions, their common opponent is the golf course, not each other, and they appreciate their companions’ success. Like dogs off their leash, they relish the open air and green grass.

13PUTT: Experiences of a Duffer

“Somewhere Someone Is Sitting In A Cubicle.” Potomac Shores Golf Club, 9th Hole. “

About The Book

13PUTT: Experiences of a Duffer

The author recounts his experiences as a senior golfer with modest ability and great enthusiasm, relating humorous anecdotes and personal glimpses from his 60 years of so-called lousy golf. From the perspective of a duffer, Author John Fee offers practical advice on topics not discussed by golf professionals, such as golf cart etiquette and adjustments for imperfect conditions. The author is a recreational golfer who writes for those who would rather play on a “dog track” golf course than watch professionals in television tournaments.

• Reviews:

Great reading, even if you’re not a golfer. -J.R.

It a great experience Humor thru out the book. I am not a golfer but enjoyed the detail of the golfers and the authors way of making it a visual account with humor.

John Fee



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